Historias Unknown

Historias Unknown

Obscure Latin American history, capitalism and corruption. Each week, your hosts, Carmen and Cristina, will tell each other a story about Latino/Latine history, capitalism or corruption and sometimes all three. Episodes every Thursday.

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Comandanta Ramona

March 23, 2023

Comandanta Ramona was born in 1959. She was a Tzotzil Mayan woman & a revolutionary Zapatista who championed indigenous women’s rights. In this episode, Carmen tells Cristina about Comandanta Ramona’s legacy and Cristina has…

Juana La Avanzadora

March 16, 2023

Juana Ramirez was born in 1790, she was a soldier, a heroine of the Venezuelan war for independence and a formerly enslaved Afro-Venezuelan. She earned the name La Avanzadora (the Advancer) , a title earned because she was t…

Maria Remedios del Valle, the Mother of the Homeland

March 9, 2023

Maria Remedios del Valle is an Afro-Argentine woman, born in 1766 in Buenos Aires and through her brave fighting in the war for independence, she earned the title of "Mother of the Homeland", la madre de la patria. She had t…

Azucena Villaflor & Las Madres de la Plaza de Mayo

March 2, 2023

In 1976, Azucena Villaflor's seemingly normal life, changed forever. Her son Nestor, and his girlfriend disappeared, during a time when many people were disappearing in Argentina. She looked for him and when she was ignored …

Toña la Negra

Feb. 23, 2023

One woman, one Black Mexican woman, made history singing Boleros and in Mexican music. She had a voice like no other. She was Toña la Negra. She was a Black Mexican woman, of Haitian ancestry, performing, singing, dancing, …

A Brief History of The Young Lords and Denise Oliver-Velez

Feb. 16, 2023

The Young Lords started as a street gang in the Lincoln Park in Chicago, but not long after, they became a political organization, working with the Black Panthers and other groups in the Rainbow Coalition. They still fight t…

Recent Blog Posts

Sylvia Rivera

Sylvia Rivera is often remembered for the stonewall uprising, but she was much more than that. She identified as a drag queen and she was a trans rights …

The Battle of Chavez Ravine

Before Dodger Stadium, this part of Los Angeles was a Mexican community known as Chavez Ravine.

The History of Coffee in Guatemala and El Salvador

Coffee has a dark and bloody history in El Salvador and Guatemala.

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Podcast Editor/Producer/Host

Cristina is a podcast editor, producer & host, but her other titles also include mom and healthcare worker. To listen to her share spooky stories, check out Espooky Tales! She's also Carmen's twin! She loves history, podcasts, spooky things and coffee. You can also contact her if you need a podcast editor.

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Carmen is the host of Novelas con Cafecito (so is Cristina), a telenovela rewatch podcast and a busy social worker that cannot social work without her cup of cafecito. She loves to read when she has time, but never has it!